March 26, 2009

Thank you for your support.  I wanted to make an important note concerning the short story "Three Lonesome Travelers."  In the story there is a fictionalized conversation between the main character and Walt.  In this conversation, Walt makes the statement that Neal Cassady's last words were pertaining to the number of rail way ties he presumably counted.  It must be noted, that this information, though considered the current lore, is false.  A fictionalized account of Cassady's last days was written about in the past and that information took off like wildfire, as gospel.  I urge my readers and any Beat enthusiasts to visit the home page of the Cassady Estate and read the FAQ's section, which will bring to light what actually happened.  Also, if you are interested in this subject, I urge you to read the many biographies by and about the Beats.

I do apologize to my readers and personally to Ms. Cassady for not noting this in the first editions of Galleria.  The actual facts were given to me by Ms. Cassady, which are posted on the Cassady Estate website and I again, urge you to visit it at: and also read Carolyn's books..

Thank you for reading,

John J. Petrolino III

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